Prowler Proof Diamond Security Grille

At first glance Prowler Proof’s Diamond designs look similar to other security screens. But have a closer look.









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Our Hinged Welded Diamond Grille doors come complete with

  • 3 Stainless steel Security Hinges
  • Austral colour matched (when applicable) Closer
  • Bug Strip colour matched (when available)
  • Lockwood 8654 Handle with Snib
  • Fibreglass mesh is standard but can be upgraded for Fire Regulations or pet durability etc
  • Optional upgrade to satisfy AS 5039 -2008 for Security tests

3-point locking system with Kinetic Defence Keying Technology and a 25-year mechanical warranty. 


Our Welded Diamond Grille Sliding doors come complete with

  • Tru Coastal Rollers for the highest corrosion resistance
  • Bug Strip colour matched (when available)
  • Lockwood 8653 Handle with Safety latch
  • Fibreglass mesh is standard but can be upgraded for Fire Regulations or pet durability etc

       Optional upgrades to satisfy AS 5039 -2008 Security test

  • It’s a 3-point locking system with Kinetic Defence Keying Technology and a 25-year mechanical warranty.
  • Security Interlock

Sliders include Stackers, Corner Stackers and French Sliding.


Diamond Grille Security Screens like the doors have fully welded corners and every second point of contact welded to comply as a full security screen AS 5039 -2008

Optional extra to have every point of contact welded.

Large and small Diamond patterns are available.

You’ll soon notice that there are no visible joints – it looks and feels like the security screen is made in one piece. Which is not far from the truth. Prowler Proof’s security screens are not held together by screws or rivets, they are welded. This adds strength…and good looks. You can choose between the Small Diamond and the Large Diamond designs. Both are secure and economical – Small Diamond marginally more secure, Large Diamond marginally more economical. Both options are available as SnapLock – a unique production process that makes it possible to choose any colour frame to match a black mesh. Looks fantastic!

The Diamond range provides several options of the traditional grille pattern for an economical security alternative.

Take a look at Diamond’s features. It’s the quality of manufacture, and focus on the small details that make Diamond unique. If you’re looking for superior quality and functionality, look no further than Diamond.


Robotically Welded

All Prowler Proof product is covered by our 10 year replacement warranty. It’s Australia’s only screen replacement warranty and means you will get a brand new product if something goes wrong with your screen.


Superior Corrosion Resistance

Prowler Proof is one of only 10 powder coating applicators in Australia to be approved by Qualicoat International. Qualicoat is an international benchmark of quality. Qualicoat International audits Prowler Proof’s powder coating line twice a year, to allow us to retain our certification. The powder coating is a key element in the appearance of a security screen. The long term benefit of choosing a Qualicoat certified screen is superior corrosion protection – as evidenced in the fact that Prowler Proof is the only security screen to pass the acetic acid salt spray test and the only manufacturer to offer a 10 year replacement warranty.

Built tough

All Prowler Proof products feature fully welded frame corners. A weld can be stronger than parts joined by a screw or rivet. It looks better too. The weld means the screen looks like it’s made in one piece. You will immediately notice the difference when you compare Prowler Proof with a product that is held together by screws or rivets.

Superior Locks

The Lockwood 8653 Sliding Security Door Lock and 8654 Hinge Security Door Lock have been designed in Australia and manufactured to stringent quality specifications. Both ranges have been tested in accordance with AS4145.2-2008, offering exceptional performance and reliability. Incorporating Lockwood’s advanced safety and security feature, DualSelect® the 8653 and 8654 are ideal for use in residential applications. You can also have all your security doors keyed alike, so you only need the one key to open them all.