Welded Fly Doors

Prowler Proof Insect screens offer a choice of mesh types, and are some of the longest-lasting on the market, backed by our 10 year replacement warranty.







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Our Hinged Prowler Proof Fly Doors doors come complete with

  • 3 Stainless steel Hinges
  • Austral colour matched (when applicable) Closer
  • Bug Strip colour matched (when available)
  • Whitco Tasman MKII Lock
  • Welded on Midrail
  • Fibreglass as standard with a load of options for Pets, Sand flys, Fire Regulations etc
  • Handle Guard

Our Prowler Proof Sliding Fly doors come complete with

  • 4 Rollers 
  • Bug Strip back and bottom colour matched (when available)
  • Whitco Leichhardt Lock
  • Welded on Midrail
  • Handle Guard
  • Fibreglass as standard with a load of options for Pets, Sand flys, Fire Regulations etc

Sliders include Stackers, Corner Stackers and French Sliding.



Our Prowler Proof Flyscreens are simply the sleekest and toughest screens available. For larger screens mid-rails are welded onto the frame.

As is usual for flyscreens a range of meshes are available.

Prowler Proof insect screens are designed to keep small intruders out. Like all other Prowler Proof products, our insect screens are welded, so you’ll enjoy the extra strength and the great look of the seamless corners every day. It also means your insect screens can match in with the other Prowler Proof products you have installed around your home. The high quality insect gauze has small openings to restrict insect entry, while still providing great visibility and airflow. Prowler Proof’s automated 7-stage powder coating process means you can select your insect screen in any of our 50 standard colours…with more than 250 further options if your favourite colour is not within our standard range.


Visibility and airflow are high through the insect gauze, ensuring protection from insects and good ventilation.                       

Robotically Welded

All Prowler Proof Fly Screens feature fully welded frame corners. A weld can be stronger than parts joined by plastic corner stake. It looks better too. The weld means the screen looks like it’s made in one piece. You will immediately notice the difference when you compare Prowler Proof with a product that is held together by corner stakes that can fail in the weather.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Prowler Proof is one of only 10 powder coating applicators in Australia to be approved by Qualicoat International. Qualicoat is an international benchmark of quality. Qualicoat International audits Prowler Proof’s powder coating line twice a year, to allow us to retain our certification. The powder coating is a key element in the appearance of a security screen. The long term benefit of choosing a Qualicoat certified screen is superior corrosion protection – as evidenced in the fact that Prowler Proof is the only security screen to pass the acetic acid salt spray test and the only manufacturer to offer a 10 year replacement warranty.

Built to last

All Prowler Proof product is covered by our 10 year replacement warranty. It’s Australia’s only screen replacement warranty and means you will get a brand new product if something goes wrong with your screen.