The question is how private is privacy mesh in the various colours? Privacy mesh (sometimes called one-way mesh) is a popular product for new doors and retro-fitted into older doors. Here are the Pro’s and Con’s for the homeowner in making a decision on privacy mesh.
privacy mesh
1. It is stronger than conventional mesh against kids and animal paws.
2. Although an Aluminium mesh the aperture of the hole does not allow it to have a BAL Fire Rating.
3. It is one of few mesh options that come in a range of colours to match your style and home or create that contrast against a decorative grille.
4. Privacy mesh cuts down the breeze coming in through the door.
4. And of course it improves the privacy from the outside.
So how private is Privacy mesh?
The fact is the louvred mesh is best when the outside is brighter than the inside. So lets say answering the door in your pyjamas is a pretty good bet in the morning with privacy mesh. But as soon as there is a little light inside the home the privacy reduces. Add to that black privacy mesh and you may be best to brush your hair and get dressed before answering the door.
So if you have the choice choose a lighter colour privacy mesh to achieve all the benefits.
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